Welcome to the official website for CMG Bicycles – Custom steel bicycle frames designed and built in Surrey, UK at a price lower than you might expect!

All CMG Bicycles are fully customised, and designed and built to order. This means we can’t offer a standard price list; you’ll have to contact us with what you’re looking for to get an exact quote. However, as a guide a fully customised frame-only realised in Columbus Zona steel tubing starts at around £1000 including single-colour powder-coat paint, with costs rising from there depending on your requirements.

Absolutely everything can be customised. From geometry, tyre clearance and braze-ons right down to individual tube thicknesses, if we can get hold of it we’re happy to build it into a frame for you. If you’ve got a wacky idea or simply want a clean, simple frame made to your measurements, drop us a message over on the contact page and let’s talk through some options.